WhatsApp Tricks – How to Send Disappearing Messages With WhatsApp

Do you want to send disappearing messages with WhatsApp? If so, this article will show you how. You’ll also learn how to record long audio messages, change the loudspeaker mode to inner speakers, and hide your location. All these tricks are available in the WhatsApp application, so read on! And don’t forget to share the latest tips and tricks with your friends! Just remember to share your favorite WhatsApp tricks with us in the comments section below!

WhatsApp trick to send disappearing messages

Do you want to send disappearing messages in WhatsApp? You can do this easily if you know how to use WhatsApp’s advanced settings. This feature will prevent messages from being saved on the receiver’s end after a period of time. The disappearing messages feature can be enabled for all new chats as well as individual chats. The feature can be disabled by the group admin, as well. The message preview will remain visible in the notification bar while the message itself will disappear as soon as the user opens the app.

Once you have enabled disappearing messages in WhatsApp, the messages will not be deleted immediately, but will remain on the recipient’s phone for a period of seven days. To disable this feature, follow these simple steps. In addition, you can also change the timer for messages to remain on the recipient’s phone. To do this, go to the Settings tab in the app, and tap on the contact or group you want to send disappearing messages to.

WhatsApp trick to record long audio messages

If you ever find yourself writing long messages on WhatsApp, you may want to learn a new WhatsApp trick. This new feature will allow you to record voice messages and stop them whenever you need to. This feature also works on all versions of the messaging app, so you don’t have to spend time setting up a new one. The app has a separate stop button at the top of the screen that you can press to pause and resume recording.

This WhatsApp trick is not only useful for recording long audio messages, but also for creating them, too. Before, you had to long press the microphone icon to record a voice message, how to hack a phone lock code and then lift your finger from the icon to send it. This method was incredibly inconvenient, as you couldn’t hear your voice or make any mistakes while speaking. But now, you can record your voice messages in seconds without the hassle.

WhatsApp trick to change the loudspeaker mode to inner speakers

You can use this WhatsApp trick to switch the loudspeaker mode to inner speakers without Bluetooth headphones. The WhatsApp app detects when your phone is against your ear, and switches from speakerphone to earpiece. The message will then start at the beginning, and you can continue listening to it. The next time you hear a WhatsApp message, simply hold your phone up to your ear and it will switch to the inner speakers.

WhatsApp trick to hide your location

If you’ve been trying to keep your location private on WhatsApp, you might want to try this simple trick. There are several situations in which you can use this feature, but spoofing your location is not always a good idea. Here are three ways to make sure your location is private on WhatsApp:

Disabling the online status is the easiest way to make your location invisible while chatting. You can choose to make yourself appear offline to all your contacts, or you can select a select few to hide your location. This trick is recommended by many, but you may prefer using a third-party app for more customization options. Unlike WhatsApp, third-party apps do not reveal your location unless you want people to know it.