Taxes On Gamblers And Super Hit Games

One of the questions that is asked numerous times by those who make bets online, has to do with the issue of taxes on bettors. This issue is especially pertinent after the legalization of bookmakers in legal countries. Today I will explain to you how this issue works, and whether or not you have to pay any kind of tax on the profits you make from your bets.

How Taxes on Gamblers Work

Betting legislated the legal regime regarding the exploration and practice of online games, namely games of chance and sports betting. In other words, simply put, only these companies have to pay taxes on the income they generate with the placing of bets by consumers.

It is important to point out that with regard 파워볼오토 to the regulation of bookmakers in Korea, only 3 different taxes are foreseen (which are not taxes on bettors). They are:

  • Stamp Duty (which is only applied to the Placard);
  • Online Gaming Special Tax;
  • Special gaming tax.

In other words, you can find football, basketball, volleyball, horse racing, American football matches, among many others. They are completely virtual. You know when you turn on the video game and that Exhibition game appears in which both teams are controlled by the video game’s own intelligence? Basically it is the same principle of virtual games offered by bookmakers.

Also, virtual sports can be highly addictive . Matches are of short duration, usually a few minutes, and to make matters worse, as soon as one match ends, 유로88 another starts. This model makes users feel attracted to bet on virtual sports at all times. As a result, they end up getting hooked on the amount of bets and possibilities offered.

 League of Legends

Considered by many to be the most important video game today, League of Legends is one of the biggest successes ever when it comes to eSports. It’s a strategy game where two teams of five champions fight to destroy each other’s base. To play, you can choose from more than 140 champions to perform amazing moves and destroy towers and make kills until you reach victory.


It is one of the most recent games on this list: Overwatch was launched in 2016, having marked its position in eSports only in 2018, when its official league, the Overwatch League, was inaugurated, whose tournament was a true Success: The playoffs were broadcast on ESPN and Disney XD. It was considered the Best eSports Game at The Game Awards 2018, thus beating other well-known names, namely all the other video games that appear in this list. Overwatch is a team shooting game that features a diverse cast of very powerful heroes.