There are many ways to make money on websites.
The most tried and true way is to create a site where you offer a free gift on your landing page. In order for people to have access to your gift, they must enter their email address and subscribe to your list. It is from this list of interested people that you will be able to drip feed your affiliate or supplier offers once or twice a motivation week. Many of these people will buy your products because they have initially shown interest. Now is the time to make a lot of money making websites.
To do this quickly and efficiently, you would have to outsource the work. See if you can go to some marketing forums like warrior forum, fiverr or digital point and ask some freelance website designers to design your website for you. Sometimes you can also get some people to do search engine optimization work for you. SEO is a key part of making your website available for money. Make sure your website is well optimized so that it appears at the top of search engines when someone searches for your keyword. When that happens, you will have a lot of traffic. Eventually, you will get sales because that traffic is directed to the website and the product that you are going to promote.
Another way to make money from the traffic coming to your website is to have AdSense ads and Amazon product links there. Sometimes people are more likely to click text links than images. Place your ads in prominent places and match the colors with the theme of the site so that customers are more willing to click on it. You want your website to be a smooth and seamless experience for your visitors. Another way to get more visitors to your site is article marketing. Typically the best way to do article marketing is to write an article and submit it to major article directories. The most popular are EzineArticles an, GoArticles and ArticleAlley. Make sure to link to your website within the Authors resource box after writing the article because this is how people will come to your site.
Another option to earn money on a website is to become a seller of a product and create a website for it. Gather affiliates who are willing to sell your product for you. Usually these affiliates will be well versed in online marketing and will generally send traffic to your website in exchange for a commission on each sale. Additionally, you may consider registering your website on cost per action networks to get email subscriptions, zip code submissions, or any other information you may need in exchange for paying the advertiser for each submission. You may want to take advantage of all these tactics to make money on websites. Doing the right combination of each would produce positive results for your business.