Find out the best way to create your website – Part 1: Website Builders

In current technology, almost everyone can make their own website. And before you make yours, I suggest you weigh the different approach first. In this article, we will review various ways to create your website, quote their pros and cons and recommend the best for you.

Part 1: Use the Website Builder

Website Builder is an online tool to create a website without manual code intervention. Through it, the user can really see what the web form as he edits the look and nuuances. The latest builders use dragging technology and release for user convenience.

Some famous builders are: Weebly, a trendy site builder (using Flash animation) and Breezi website maker. They are generally installed in the control panel of your web host.


They are user friendly. Most builders have a drag-and-drop interface that according to users are very comfortable. If you need a website in an instant, use a website builder.

Users can modify web design because he online website builder for free really sees it. Builders are built in WYSIWG (what you see is what interface you get). You can enter text, images, and other items on the page as you can see.

No need to install any software. Almost everything is browser-based and does not require installation of applications on your computer (Flash-based builders may require you to install Adobe Flash Player).

Website builders limit web design. They usually depend on themes that can be modified by users but are limited to changes in color and placement of images. There are builders who offer HTML modification and CSS but at a cost.

Most builders can only modify the website that was originally made in it. Web sites that are built using website builders can only be edited in one particular type of builder. It will be difficult to replace the builder for your site because the way they develop varies.

You might possibly stick to only one web host. In most cases, you might find it difficult to change your web host if you experience problems. The web host chooses the type of builder they want to install in their system. The builder you use may not be available in other web hosts.

Builders may not give you your dream site. By the dream site I mean the website you want. Builder Web sites can display your profile but may not be able to show your level of professionalism. This can provide contact information to your visitors but may not offer customer support online. It can add PayPal buttons to your page but may not give you a full shopping basket. Because of its limitations, your website might not contribute too much for you or your business.